Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This video was taken on 13/6/09 by around 11a.m. in the fields of a landowner who is a lady and is the legal owner of the land right from 1984.those standing here are the family members of a DMK chairman of melapalayam named mr.Mohaideen and they are the neighbours of the landowners. His family members just thronged inside the farm of their neighbour's throwing away the fence of the neighbour and made a perfect chaos and shouted as though the neighbour tresspassed their field .one of his family members shouts "i will kill you ".while the chairman's brother , just gives a open threat tht the lady would never be able to enter the farm again from now onwards....

either they try to capture lands by fraudulent means or threaten people this way .Its a very common thing in the area of melapalayam.

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